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What is Chibolster®?

The ChiBolster® is an adjustable, air-filled apparatus that provides support and allows movement at the same time.

By providing an “active support”, the ChiBolster® helps eliminate static positioning and flexion that regularly occurs during routine floor work exercises as well as everyday sitting.

The patented design of the ChiBolster® makes it the ideal fitness tool to incorporate into everyday floor work exercises like abdominal work, stretching and Pilates.

Being self inflatable, the ChiBolster® is simple to adjust from a lower level of difficulty to a higher level of difficulty, making it an ideal fitness apparatus for both beginners and fitness professionals.

“I have been using the ChiBolster® with many of my clients who suffer from back and neck pain. I find the ChiBolster® to be a fantastic tool for any trainer or therapist who is looking for a product that has many uses. I have presented with the ChiBolster® several times and the response has been outstanding from the perspective of multiple uses and the training that comes with it.”

Leslee Bender, ChiBolster Master Trainer
IDEA Instructor of the Year Finalist 2010

What does ChiBolster® do?

The ChiBolster® provides an unstable platform necessary to activate under-utilized and often weaker intrinsic muscles and stabilizers required for fluid movement, peak performance and strength.

The patented “active” design of the ChiBolster® constantly gives feedback throughout your movements, providing you with an awareness for activating your performance enhancing intrinsic muscles and stabilizers.

How do I use ChiBolster®?

In addition to the ChiBolster® product we have developed the ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates Program. This program has been developed to assist fitness professionals and health practitioners in the area of rehabilitation and sports conditioning, as well as performance enhancing exercise techniques.

Who uses the ChiBolster®?

The ChiBolster® is the ideal fitness tool for all skill levels, from the first time exerciser to the elite professional athlete.

“…the addition of the ChiBolster® has enhanced my clients’ ability to relieve pain while restoring their ability to move correctly and efficiently… it’s the perfect tool.”

June E. Kahn, CPT
2009 IDEA WORLD Fitness Instructor of the Year

ChiBolster® is the industry’s hottest new fitness product.

The ChiBolster® is now widely used in the Fitness Industry. Many of the Industry’s most respected and recognized fitness instructors are excited to be using and presenting programs and classes highlighting the benefits of the ChiBolster®.

“The ChiBolster® is an amazing small piece of equipment that should be carried by every personal trainer and used by every pilates teacher especially when working one to one…The size and dimensions of the ChiBolster® can be easily deflated and inflated within seconds to the required pressure and can quickly help to restore faulty movement patterns by bringing the client into the equation for change immediately.”

Sandie Keane

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