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ChiBolster® Training Program

In working alongside fitness professionals we have developed a Remedial Pilates program using the ChiBolster®, which we believe is one of the most versatile and portable exercise tools on the market today.

Recognised by therapists as an effective program to re-educate incorrect movement patterns, you will find that our educational framework provides an easy, effective, flexible and versatile way to build core strength, relieve pain and balance the body for better health and well-being.

We have developed this program to incorporate our ChiBolster® which acts as a support in carrying our Pilates movement, while providing a focal point to gain a better understanding of correct posture and exercise functions.

Sensory nodules unique to the ChiBolster® activate specific points on the meridians to restore health and aid in the relief from pain. Its verstility means that you can also use your ChiBolster® as a massage and release tool to provide relief for tired, sore muscles, as well as a posture support that can be used in the home, office, or while travelling.

Our program delivers a theoretical framework consisting of a three-part series which includes: Fundamentals, Intermediate & Advanced exercise progressions.

ChiBolster® Training Packages

Would you like to introduce the ChiBolster® program into your business?

ChiBolster® has developed structured training programs that can be incorporated into your business from clubs and studios to private practices.

We offer onsite educational training facilitated by qualified and certified ChiBolster® instructors. All training packages can be tailored to your individual needs and time requirements and include comprehensive training manuals.

Training is targeted towards industry professionals including: Pilates instructors, Personal trainers, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

For more information on our training packages please email

ChiBolster® DVD’s

ChiBolster® – Remedial Pilates series

The ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates program delivers a theoretical framework consisting of a three-part DVD series which includes the following:

ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates – Fundamentals DVD

A two-part DVD series that introduces ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates. We address terminology, posture and recruitment patterns of each exercise in a comprehensive step-by-step format. Focus is based on establishing a sound base knowledge of body shapes & posture, movement, and exercise basics for program progression. The second part incorporates what you have learned into a class format exercise program.

ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates – Intermediate DVD

Once you have conquered the basics, this DVD is a natural stepping stone that further develops fundamental exercises you have learned by challenging you with more advanced progressions, assisting recruitment patterns and breathing techniques.

ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates – Advanced DVD

This class format DVD is the most advanced in our current series. Further building on ChiBolster® Remedial Pilates exercises, expect to be challenged and feel the improvement in your overall core strength, health, and well-being.

ChiBolster® – Leslee Bender series

Leslee Bender

Leslee Bender delivers a fresh approach to exercising while highlighting the uniqueness and versatility of the ChiBolster®.  The Leslee Bender series of ChiBolster® programs gets you off the floor, onto your feet and onto your ChiBolster®

Core from the Floor with ChiBolster®

In this program Leslee Bender focuses on the idea that your core starts from your feet. The uniqueness of the ChiBolster® is highlighted in this feel good program, as Leslee Bender directs you to feeling your body in all three planes of movement, while utlizing the nodules of the ChiBolster® to give stimulus through the fascia. Learn how to feel strong, lengthened and invigorated with the ChiBolster®.

Modern Pilates with ChiBolster®

In this program Leslee Bender will explain how traditional Pilates does not translate to our often sedentary, modern day lifestyles. So many classical Pilates movements work in one plane of motion. Unlike traditional Pilates, Modern Pilates with ChiBolster® will have you moving more in extension than flexion and working more in vertical than horizontal.

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